11.11 Sale 2020: Daraz geared up to launch its biggest annual Gyara Gyara sale

Daraz Gyara Gyara

Daraz geared up for the biggest sale event of Pakistan as the 11.11 (Daraz Gyara Gyara) is just around the corner and this time around the sales are expected to go sky high and beyond to serve the customers.

Daraz is conducting the event for the past 2 years and the country’s biggest sale starts from 11th November to 17th November. After a chaotic lockdown and business were closed, the 11.11 sale will provide a shifting ground for businesses in the country and fuel the growth of Pakistan’s eCommerce.

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The sale event is not just an ordinary event but includes heavy discounts to be offered to its customers. 11.11 is an exclusive and a different event as it brings the shopping and entertainment experience for its users in a single application. In the event, exclusive brand launches, brand partnerships and payment partners will be collaborating with each other.

Pakistan’s biggest online store Daraz intends to boost the economic activity post the COVID-19 pandemic with this 11.11 (Gyara Gyara) sale.

As per the biggest e-commerce data analysis team, the platform is expecting more than 2.5 million traffic in the start of the sale day, and that will help to set a sales target for the vendors in the upcoming year.

To celebrate the 11.11 sale, the launching ceremony was held in Karachi at the end of last month which was attended by Daraz’s leading partners from numerous industries such as Electronics, Smartphones, Fashion, Banks, Logistics and FMCG’s.

The Managing Director at Daraz Pakistan, Ehsan Saya while giving a statement during the launch event said, “This year’s GyaraGyara is happening amidst a global pandemic. Our goal this year has been to ensure our customers have access to various services on Daraz and have the best online purchase experience they have ever had! This year we are bringing the leading players of the industry to offer the best deals and customer experience.”

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