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Daraz launches dBills in Pakistan — an online bills payment service

Daraz Pakistan dBills

Leading online shopping store Daraz expanded its e-commerce business in Pakistan with a category called dBills — a utility bills payment service.

Daraz is focusing on innovation and pushing the country towards digitization along with offering its millions of user’s convenience to buy routine accessories.

The e-commerce giant launched another service dBills for ease to its millions of customers. Through dBills you can pay electricity, water, internet, telephone and gas bills. By using the service to pay your dues in the pandemic will save you from going outside.

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Pakistan has changed a lot in coronavirus pandemic as the country moves quickly towards the digital world, from entertainment to payment method everything becomes online and doing business is at fingertips.

Daraz with dBills permits its users in Pakistan to make utility bills payment through various channels also includes credit cards and in return offering discounts up to Rs 500.

dBills is a convenient utility bills payment service by Daraz – Pakistan

With the collaboration with NADRA, the company will make sure every citizen got their hands on the service and avail the opportunity from Daraz. Customers can open the Daraz app to enter the required details and make a payment.

Team Daraz is confident that including new roots will help boost country towards digitization and confirms that digital solutions will become an essential part of every resident of Pakistan.

Riaz Ali, Regional Head of Digital Channel at Daraz said “Customer-centric innovation remains the driving force at Daraz and over the past few months, we have focused more keenly on offering our users digital solutions for different areas of life. We are confident that dBills will revolutionize utility bill payments in Pakistan while offering unprecedented ease to millions of Pakistanis.”

Moreover, Daraz also launched dTravel which provides you access to purchase online bus tickets from registered vendors for intercity travel. Customers can look for routes, schedules and prices for different bus services.

Daraz also launched a free online game portal, which is offering entertainment in a unique way to connect each other through technology and follow the social distancing code.

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