10,000 new CCTV cameras installed in Karachi under Safe City Project

Safe City Project

According to a DG Sindh Safe Cities Authority official, the Karachi Safe City Project will gradually install up to 10,000 closed-circuit television (CCTV) throughout the city.

According to DG Sindh Safe Cities Authority Dr. Maqsood Ahmed, 4,000 cameras will be placed throughout the city in the project’s first phase, and 6,000 in the following phase.

Despite the Supreme Court’s directive to begin the joint venture between the government of Sindh and the National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) in 2016, it was delayed for a number of reasons.

The official claims that DIG Security and Emergency Services Division Ahmed received the additional responsibility of DG Sindh Safe Cities Authority in January 2022. Since then, “the project’s launch has made tremendous progress.”

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According to the spokesperson, the project cost, which was previously estimated to be Rs 44 billion, was reduced to Rs 22 billion, with improved standards, following extensive discussions with all the stakeholders.

In order to formally announce the commencement of the project, DG Sindh Safe Cities Authority Ahmed presided over a meeting that was attended by officials of the Sindh Safe Cities Authority, NRTC, members of the Technical Committee, and all other project stakeholders.

At different sessions, more than 50 representatives from various companies gave presentations on the reliability and excellence of their products. The project includes the crucial elements that were missing from the earlier proposals, such as: upgrading the existing 2,000 CCTV surveillance system; purchasing emergency response vehicles and systems; building a facility for human resources and training; and installing a digital communication network.

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