What Are The Warning Signs Of Diabetes? 

What Are The Warning Signs Of Diabetes? 

Diabetes mellitus consist of a group of disease which affects how body uses blood glucose, which is an important source of energy for cells that make up muscles.  Glucose is also brain’s main source of energy. There are different type of diabetes and the main causes of diabetes vary by it types. However, any type of diabetes that you have contains one similar thing which is excess levels of sugar in the blood. Increased level of sugar in the blood can lead to serious health problems which can be fatal if not treated timely. 

Types of Diabetes:

There are two type of chronic diabetes:  

  • Type I diabetes  
  • Type II diabetes  

Diabetes is one of the leading diseases in many countries of the world, which can lead to many other diseases which are fatal. A few people have diabetes by birth while in others, it develops as a result of different causes, including high cholesterol, smoking, let’s physical activity, etc.  

Early warning signs of diabetes:  

Increase level of glucose in blood can cause gradual unassuming symptoms that can sneak up to you some of the warning signs of diabetes include frequent urination and excessive thirst. However, the signs of type two diabetes are often mild and can be ignored. 

Many people that ignore knew diabetes, only when they have high blood sugar due to type two diabetes.  

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If Diabetes has not read properly, it can lead to settle diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, kidney damage, vision loss, nerve, damage and many more. Diabetes can easily damage your organs, so it is important to have early diagnosis. 

However, there are some early signs of type two diabetes. It is very important to talk to your doctor whenever you have even subtle symptoms of diabetes. You should not delete your treatment because it can damage your organs. 

Here we are going to discuss some of the early signs of diabetes, which one should not ignore, and if any of them occurs, he should immediately talk with the doctor. 

Frequent Urge To Urinate:  

If someone experiences that he is going to the bathroom more than he usually does, especially at night time, then it can be a sign of high blood sugar level. Diabetes puts exertion on kidneys to remove excess sugar from your body and blood and then your kidneys cannot keep up. They expel excess sugar into your urine. This causes frequent urge to urinate. 

Increased Infections:  

When there is an excessive sugar in your urine, it serves as food for yeast and other bacteria. This sugar coupled with warm, moist environment provides these microorganisms best environment to thrive so people with diabetes, especially females have an experience, frequent urinary tract infections (UTI) or yeast infections. 

Increased Thirst: 

Due to increased urination, when can experience dehydration, and you can feel thirsty, more often, but drinking more water does not satisfy your thirst. 

Constant Hunger: 

In a normal body, the food you eat is converted into glucose and use that for energy, but if you have diabetes yourself cannot absorb sugar correctly, so your body does not get enough energy from the food that you may eat. Consequently, your body feels hungry all the time because it is constantly looking to fuel up even if you just had a meal. 

Unexplained Weight Loss: 

When your body cannot absorb glucose properly, you cannot get enough energy from food, so your body will start burning muscles and stores fat instead.

Persistent Weakness And Fatigue: 

Because your body is running low on energy, you may feel weak and fatigued persistently. There is a time when it can also impact your daily life activities. Furthermore, due to dehydration you feel further exhausted. 

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Blurry Vision: 

Increased level of glucose in blood can damage blood vessels in your eyes, and you may experience blurry vision in one or both of the eyes. It can also lead to permanent damage and more serious complications, including blindness is left untreated. 

Slow Healing Process: 

High blood sugar level damage nerve cells and blood vessels. Therefore, it imparts blood circulation/circulation causes, slow healing of cards and wounds, due to restriction of necessary nutrients and oxygen which is required for proper healing. Consequently, it takes weeks and months for a small wound to heal in patients with diabetes. 

Tingling Or Numbness:  

Tingling or numbness is another complain, which is prevalent among patients with diabetes. It is basically due to the poor blood circulation and damaged nerve cells, which causes tingling, numbness and pain in your hand and feet. 

Dark Patchy Skin:  

Diabetes can lead to diabetic skin. These patches are velvety and usually present in falls off your neck, armpit or groin area. This condition is caused by excess amount of insulin in the blood. 

There are some other symptoms which are seen among patients with diabetes. These are: 

  • Feeling irritable and having mood swings  
  • presence of ketones in urine 
  • Weak immunity 

All of the symptoms must not be ignored and one should contact the healthcare provider in order to be diagnosed as soon as possible. If left on treated, it can cause serious complications, including:  

Heart And Blood Vessel Diseases:  

Baking two diabetes have increased rate of heart diseases, including Corona Artery diseases, chest pain, heart attack, stroke and narrowing of arteries. The patient with diabetes are more susceptible to heart diseases. 

Nerve Damage: 

Discussed earlier too much sugar levels in the blood causes damage to the nerves. As a result, there is tingling and numbness, burning wood been, that usually begins at the tips of the toes or fingers and gradually spreads upward.  

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Kidney Damage: 

Kidney is an organ that contains millions of tiny blood vessels. These blood vessels can be damaged by diabetes, imparting normal kidney function. 


The patient the diabetes, are at a high-risk of developing gangrene, in which nerve cells in foot toes or hand gets damaged due to poor blood flow.  

Alzheimer’s Disease

Patients with type two diabetes again, please the risk of dementia. 


People with diabetes have prevalent depressive symptoms. 

Vision Damage:  

People with diabetes are at a high-risk of damaging the blood vessels of eye, which can lead to permanent blindness or blurry vision as well. 

Therefore, diabetes is a lethal disease which is prevalent among many countries in the world. The savage disease has taken lives of many people, however, with early diagnosis in great care, people with diabetes can live a normal life like any other human being. Therefore, this morning signs must never be ignored in order to treat this disease in the best possible way because life is precious and it should not be taken for granted!!

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