Top 10 Places To Visit On New Year

Top 10 Places To Visit On New Year

Every year on the evening of 31st December, New Year’s is celebrated all around the world. This is one of those events which is celebrated throughout the world, and people from all over the world are really excited to welcome the arrival of New Year with their family and friends. Whether it’s celebrating New Year while partying with friends or a small dinner with the family, people around the world planned to celebrate this event with great zeal and enthusiasm.  

While talking about New Year, people get really excited and thousands of people travel across the world to different destinations in order to celebrate New Year at world’s best places. Many restaurants, hotels and picnic places around the world arrange crazy fireworks and lighting to celebrate New Year. Nothing can beat the idea of celebrating New Year’s with your close family and friends amidst a fancy set up. Therefore, the floor will help you to choose the best places to visit on the New Year evening around the world.  

Top 10 tourist destinations to visit on New Year eve are:

Sydney, Australia  
Sydney is supposed to be the best New Year destinations. The visitors are a delightful experience and anyone who is specifically wanting to have a mesmerizing experience and a thrilling night out on New Year’s Eve, Sydney is surely an option for them. The breathtaking view of the Sydney harbour looks absolutely stunning and attractive. One cannot resist himself from capturing the mesmerizing views of the massive fireworks. These fireworks can be enjoyed by booking a luxurious ghost harbour cruise that offers a lifetime experience of almost 1 hour with music, drinks, life, food and standing fireworks at Sydney’s most famous an iconic location, the Sydney harbour. If you do not want to have a dinner on the cruise, you can also book a fancy dinner at a restaurant and celebrate New Year’s evening, while enjoying the fireworks with all pomp and show. 

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While you are in Sydney to celebrate New Year’s evening. There are many places where you can stay, including Shangri-La hotel, Intercontinental hotel, four season hotel in Sydney Harbour Marriot hotel.  

Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the best places to go on New Year’s evening while you are in New York is Las Vegas, Nevada. Displays is attractive and are you getting on the normally is therefore a New Year’s evening, the ambience of this place is just exceptional. It is known as one of the best places to party and enjoy in the world. Las Vegas, mostly known for its casinos nightclubs hotel, events, crazy fireworks, discos and a lot more. You can definitely visit La Las Vegas on New Year’s evening and see the crowd getting crazy for massive New Year celebrations. This is the perfect place for party freaks who want to enjoy the best New Year parties in the world. Gold diggers, Lavo casino club, club 101 etc. are some of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas for New Year’s evening.  

While you are in Las Vegas, you can stay at MGM Grand, Bellaggio hotel and casino etc. 

Miami, United States

Miami is also known for nightclubs, and it is considered as one of the well-known party destinations in the world. The beautiful Miami Beach adds to the mesmerizing beauty of this please and makes it a perfect place to celebrate New Year’s evening. There are many beaches in Miami which offers fun party night at New Year’s evening. You can goodness mind blowing fireworks in South Beach and Bayfront Park in Miami downtown. There are also a lot of restaurants near beaches where you can enjoy a fancy in a lavish dinner for an extraordinary night you can book a yatch at the Biscayne Bay while enjoying thrilling music by DJ, along with huge variety of food and drinks. 

While you are on a New Year’s trip to Miami, you can stay at Intercontinental Miami, JW Marriott Marquis Miami, Clevelander South Beach Hotel and bar and Miami Marriot Biscayne Bay. 

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is famous for its breathtaking in mesmerizing fireworks, which are displayed at the iconic tower of Burj Khalifa in Dubai. On New Year’s evening as the clock strikes 12 many of the skyscrapers in Dubai display magnificent fireworks which are just dreamy to watch. There is also a Venti show at Burj Khalifa and live water music at Dubai fountain. People from all over the world, especially visit Dubai on New Year’s evening to witness the mind-blowing display of light and sound at Burj Khalifa, and the water show at the Fountain. While you go to Dubai on New Year’s evening you can book a table at any fancy restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal with breathtaking views at the same time. If you want to get rid of it and enjoy uninterrupted views of downtown fireworks, you can go towards Plaza and book a table for dinner here.  

While are you staying in Dubai you can have a lot of options to stay such as Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Tajj Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai and Shangri-La hotel Dubai.  

You can go to Dubai with your family and friends who enjoy the light sound in water, sure and gorgeous views of Burj Khalifa, along with live performances at Dubai opera.  

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New York, United States

Nothing can beat the enjoyment and enthusiasm of the celebrations of New Year’s evening at the New York’s most iconic location, which is Times Square ball drop. Millions of people together at this location to witness the colossal waterfront crystal ball drop at midnight on huge screens all over the New York Time Square. Furthermore, New York also shows breathtaking fireworks at the Central Park in New York harbour. All of these places make New York one of the best places in the world to celebrate New Year evening. It offers exceptional and unlimited options to celebrate this great day. One can have a luxury dinner in a yatch at the Staten Island while enjoying light, music, glass of cocktail and scenic beauty. There are also a lot of nightclubs and bars in New York to enjoy New Year’s evening.  

Why are you is it in New York you can stay at Hyatt Herald Square New York, The Pierre, and Lowell hotel.  

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit on the New Year’s evening if you want to enjoy the best parties at public squares. Amsterdam provides crazy enjoyment on Dam square, Nieuwmarkt. The best part about enjoying in Amsterdam is public squares is that they’re free for everybody and everyone can enjoy the New Year celebrations with great zeal. People can also find Bee attends with live entertainment for public. Furthermore, it is one of the best choices to go for celebrating New Year’s evening with your family because there are large number of decent and sophisticated party places in Amsterdam. You can head towards Amstel River to enjoy the delivered it while welcoming the arrival of New Year with hundreds of people there. There is another festival take place in Amsterdam call the light festival. This festival normally takes place from December to January. All the roadside lit with fairy lights making Amsterdam even more attractive.  

Why you are on a trip to Amsterdam you can stay at Park in Amsterdam, Hilton, Amsterdam, or grand hotel Krasnapolsky.  

London, UK

Another attractive and stunning place to visit for New Year’s celebration is London where celebrations of New Year take please on the grand scale. Most of the fireworks take place on the bank of River Thames weird, extraordinary background, giving it the perfect picturesque view. However, one needs to pay some pounds towards the fireworks from the main staging area while other skin watches free of cost from far-off places. There’s also a dining option at London sky bar prove it New Year fireworks can also be enjoyed very closely and vividly. People enjoy there at champagne party. This place provides enthralling views from the top of the London sky bar. New Year’s countdown can be witnessed at the great Big Ben, the iconic monument of London. Therefore, going for New Year’s to, London is never a bad idea. 


While you are staying at London, you can stay at Park, Plaza Westminster Bridge, London, or apex city of London hotel a few options among many others. 

Madrid, Spain

Spanish is worldwide, famous for its crazy parties, especially the New Year’s evening. If you were someone who is there for best places to go for a new celebration than Madrid is for you. People of Madrid follow are unique tradition or New Year’s evening. They eat 12 grapes sharp at 12 am on the New Year’s night to welcome the arrival of New Year. Furthermore, you can have a scrumptious dinner at a luxury is hotel in Madrid Spain while celebrating New Year’s evening with a traditional dinner, which is usually made up of lamb or sea food. Furthermore, Royal please is another mesmerizing hotspot to celebrate New Year’s evening in Madrid people in Madrid. Witness New Year’s countdown party at Job 12 am at Puerta Del Sol with great variety of food and drinks. 

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Why are you being someone who is in Spain on New Year’s evening. You can stay at hotel Catalonia Atocha, Intercontinental, Madrid, or Mandarin Oriental, Madrid.  

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the best places to travel for New Year’s evening. In Bangkok, the central world Square is the highlight of the city of people together there a New Year’s evening to celebrate and enjoy. This place shows fascinating fireworks as thousands of people gather there to enjoy these fascinating fireworks. This place has a lot of bars and clubs that come to life as soon as the New Year evening starts. Furthermore, one can also take a cruise dinner on the Chao Phraya River where one can enjoy the delicious, international and Thai buffet with mouthwatering seafood. People also light up thousands of lanterns in the sky, which gives absolutely stunning view. The other Bangkok is one of the best places to party in the world and it has some of the best New Year parties in the world like metal music festival white party, glitter and glam etc.  

While you are in Bangkok, you can stay at Mandarin Oriental, Sofitel Bangkok are Bangkok, Marriott Marquis Queens Park.  

Moscow, Russia 

It is strange to know that Moscow hosts, one of the best fireworks on the New Year’s night amidst of the chills of extremely cold weather in Russia. Looks absolutely gorgeous with big daddy bus fireworks that can be easily witnessed from different places, such as that square, and Kremlin if you are someone who is looking for free celebrations that there are various places in Moscow, where frequent certain events are being organized at New Year. Arbat Street had a lot of bars and clubs. People can party and enjoy their food and drinks. The whole city of Moscow is decorated beautifully to celebrate New Year’s evening and one can get the best photos while he is in Moscow for New Year.  

There are a lot of options to stay in Moscow, including four seasons Hotel, Ritz-Carlton and Raddison collection hotel, Moscow.  

Therefore, these are some of the best places to travel across the world for celebration of New Year. Almost all cities in the world celebrate New Year evening, but the cities have something unique and they celebrate New Year’s evening in the best way possible. When can definitely visit these countries if they’re planning to go for New Year celebrations to any foreign country. I hope this blog is helpful to you in finding your next destination to celebrate New Year’s evening. 

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