Zoom removed Giphy from its chat feature

Zoom Giphy

Zoom disabled the integration of GIF system from Giphy in its chat menu. Sharing a statement via blog company said that they need to take some security measures. Once the supplementary technical and safety measures have been deployed, we will enable the GIF function again in the chat feature. There are no details shared from Zoom on Giphy removal.

Apart from the removal of GIF support from its messaging feature, there are other changes as well that Zoom is focusing on to incorporate some changes such as screen sharing limitations, modification in muting and unmuting functions, and if the user needs a registration process then that means limiting the multiple device logging in options for meetings.

The privacy and security are where Zoom and Facebook are behind. In past Zoom and Facebook have faced so many criticisms regarding the breach of the user’s privacy policy.

The removal of Giphy move just came after few days when Facebook announced the acquisition of the Giphy platform for over $300 million. Facebook is also planning to integrate the GIF function on its Instagram platform as well.

Now that Facebook acquired the GIF service, it will directly affect its integration with other competitors such as Twitter, iMessage, Snapchat, TikTok, and many other social sites. The situation remains unclear as we all know the previous history of privacy and the security history of Facebook.

According to the company, Giphy doesn’t have any access to its user’s data before the acquisition with Facebook. It is now on Facebook whether they apply some alteration in the current API to get access to users’ data or going to use the same.

During the pandemic coronavirus, the demand for the Zoom service skyrocketed and that’s why the need of taking security measures is necessary for Zoom management as they are conducting millions of meeting in a day which consists of professional meetings along with schooling.

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