Zoom plans to offer stronger encryption to paying customers

Zoom encryption

Zoom is planning to add another layer of strong encryption on video mode for its premium users. As of now, this feature will not be available for those who are using the Zoom service for free. They need to pay in order to secure the meeting.

The end to end encryption mode is a work in progress. There is still debate regarding the end to end encryption feature availability to which customers. Whether to give it only to paid members or other users can also have this secure line.

The popularity of the videoconferencing application roared during the pandemic coronavirus, as the company provided millions of meetings per day.

Apart from these numbers the security has always been a concern for Zoom users, before the pandemic the security was an issue and the data of the users got leaked and now with the rise in popularity of the application the breach in videoconferencing is also seen, where uninvited guest occupies the meeting and interrupts it by showing pornography and other irrelevant content.

Above is the reason why Zoom is focusing on applying the end to end encryption on all video calls, but those who use Zoom service on mobiles will not be able to get benefit from this. With the strong encryption module, even Zoom’s owns security team will be unable to alter the participants of the call.

The encryption plan activity was published by Zoom on 22nd of May 2020 through a draft paper.

Overall it will be a welcome addition for premium Zoom users as they will be more secure when they are videoconferencing.

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