Youtuber discovers eight waterfalls in Jab valley, Haripur

Jab valley

A Pakistani YouTuber Hassan Nisar has explored eight waterfalls in Jab valley Haripur, Hazara in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Hassan Nisar has discovered at least eight waterfalls which rain down the mountains of Jab valley, an unexplored and nearly unreachable basin located at an altitude of 3,000 feet in district Haripur in Hazara Division. The cascades have been revealed with the help of a drone camera by the Youtuber. 

The magnificent Jab valley, situated about an hour journey from Khanpur Dam, is encircled by amazing green beds, luxurious green mountains, water bodies, diverse plants and treasurable and intermittent species. 

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Although this place is a miraculous place, but it is not easily accessible. At present, only a few adventurers, mostly, locals can visit Jab. 

Moreover, National and overseas tourists would only be able to relish mountaineering and witness crystal clear waterfalls and remarkable views of the eight waterfalls only when indispensable road infrastructure is developed. 

The YouTuber informed that the first waterfall can be seen at a height of 200 feet whereas the other seven cascades are approachable at a height of 500 feet. Until now, this splendid sight had remained unexplored and hidden from the world at large. The valley is overall easily accessible but the inconvenience twitches, when tourists attempt to scale up to the waterfalls spot. 

According to the local people of Jab if the government pays attention to the valley will prove to be one of the best tourist destinations of Pakistan and a blessing for the tourism sector of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. 

Besides this, Pakistan has a number of majestic waterfalls situated all over the country which includes Cham waterfall in Jhelum which is the biggest waterfall of Azad Kashmir. Jamgar Falls is a breathtaking waterfall located in Neelum Valley. 

Moreover, the waterfalls naming Gulpur, Chotok, and  Farphu are found in the valleys of Azad Kashmir, Moola, and Karakoram Mountains respectively. All these cascades have an eye-catching scenic beauty that intrigue us, persuade us and they are one of nature’s greatest and majestical splendors. 

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