Yamaha again increases motorcycle prices by as much as Rs 7,000

Yamaha Prices

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has raised its motorcycle prices yet again, and we did not find any reason why it is increased. For the fifth time this year, the manufacturer has raised bike costs. Nothing has changed in the Yamaha motorcycles, but the prices have risen even further.

The following are the new Yamaha bike prices, which will take effect on December 1, 2021.

New Yamaha Bike Prices 

The Yamaha YB-125Z has witnessed a price increase of Rs. 6,000, with a new price of Rs. 190,000, up from Rs. 184,000.

The YB-125 DX, on the other hand, has seen a price hike of Rs. 7,000, and will now cost Rs. 205,500, up from Rs. 198,500.

The price of the third bike, the YBR-125, has been hiked by Rs. 7,000, and you will now have to pay Rs. 211,000 instead of Rs. 204,000 for it.

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Finally, the manufacturer raised the price of the YBR-125G by Rs. 7,000, bringing the new price to Rs. 220,500, up from Rs. 213,500 previously.

Yamaha has been slamming users with price increases since the start of the year. We hoped we’d witnessed the last of the company’s bike price increases when they did so on October 1st, however, Yamaha, on the other hand, has done it yet again!

The unfortunate issue is that the public at large is unable to boycott these bicycle manufacturers. Consumers are compelled to purchase these motorcycles, despite their exorbitant prices.

However, with car rates at an all-time high, consumers’ only option is to travel on bikes. However, even it is now out of their reach. Consider spending too much amount on a new 125cc motorcycle.

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