Yamaha again increases bike prices in Pakistan, know the price

Yamaha Bike

And, in what appears to be a routine matter nowadays, Yamaha bike costs have risen yet again. The new prices will take effect on October 1st, 2021, according to the company’s announcement. However, company have not released any official statement regarding the cause of the price hike. 

New Yamaha Bike Prices  

The Yamaha YB-125Z has seen a price increase of Rs. 8,000, with a new price of Rs. 184,000, up from Rs. 176,000. Then there’s the YB-125 DX, which has seen a price hike of Rs. 8,500, and will now cost Rs. 198,500, up from Rs. 190,000. 

The price of the third bike, the YBR-125, has gone up by Rs. 8,000, and you’ll now have to pay Rs. 204,000 instead of Rs. 196,000. Finally, the manufacturer raised the price of the YBR-125G by Rs. 8,500, bringing the new price to Rs. 213,500, up from Rs. 205,000 previously. 

Last Price Hikes 

Yamaha raised the cost of three bikes last month. First, the Yamaha YB 125Z saw a Rs. 7,000 price increase. Its new price is Rs. 176,000, compared to Rs. 169,000 previously. 

The justification for these continuous hike in bike prices by Yamaha, according to media sources, is extremely high demand. According to sources, after the ending of lockdown last year, the market for bikes has seen a tremendous spike in demand. Bikes and their spare parts are in high demand, and suppliers are struggling to keep up.

Second, the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX had a Rs. 7,500 price increase. The new price of the bike is Rs. 190,000, which is higher than the previous price of Rs. 182,500. 

Third, Yamaha YBR received an 8,000-rupee price increase. Its new price is Rs. 196,000, compared to Rs. 188,000 previously. 

The Yamaha YBR 125G now costs Rs. 8,000 more than it did before. The price of the Yamaha YBR 125G was also hiked by Rs. 8,000. The price increased to Rs. 205,000 from Rs. 197,000 previously. 

Dealers are selling bikes at ‘ON Money’ due to the shortage. Despite this, Yamaha motorcycles have seen the most significant price increases, with increases of Rs. 7,000, 7,500, and 8,000. 

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