Worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic Could Last Seven More Years – Bloomberg Report

Covid-19 Pandemic

Although the intensity of Covid-19 has come down yet it is still there. Scientists have warned that if the rich countries did not stop to remain selfish, the Covid-19 pandemic may survive for seven years more rather there are chances that a new kind of epidemic can start.   

Along with a lot of reasons which brought the Covid-19 pandemic down, Vaccine is the most important factor. But there are some alarming news about the use, availability, and supply of vaccines in the world.  

According to the Bloomberg report, so far, about 75 percent of dozes of the corona vaccine have been given to only 10 richest countries and unfortunately, still, many poor countries are without it. The total population of these poor countries has been estimated to be around 2.5 billion.  

Surprisingly the rich countries have purchased vaccines more than their requirement and this is nothing a bitter fact that these countries have restricted the vaccine developing organization not to sell the Covide-19 vaccine to any country without their permission. 

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According to an agreement between the American department of, National Health Service and BioNTech/Pfizer, it has been decided the beneficiaries of the corona vaccine would be the USA and Pfizer only.  

The experts are calling the situation “Vaccine Hoarding” or “Vaccine Nationalism” which can worsen the intensity of Covid-19.  

In an article in the research journal, ‘Nature’, an American expert has warned that if the present attitude of the developed nations continues, the Covid-19 may hover over the world for another seven years. Some other experts are also of the view that despite the process of vaccination in the rich countries, the Pandemic is still affecting the large population of the world and ultimately, the developed world will have to face its bad consequences. To them, the coronavirus has an extremely high capability of being changed.  

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Therefore, despite the vaccination at an extensive level in the rich countries, if the virus continues affecting the poor nations, there would more chances that the virus would change its shape and as a result, a new kind of virus can be generated which will simply fail all the present efforts of controlling the pandemic. And if the hazards of that new virus are greater then the world may face another epidemic, severer than the Covid-19. 

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