Pakistan to get 10m doses of vaccine under Covax

doses of vaccine under Covax

Pakistan is among 3 countries to become the biggest recipients of free coronavirus vaccines before June, above 10 million doses of vaccine under Covax programme will be received by the country.

On Tuesday, the Covax scheme announced that Nigeria and Indonesia along with Pakistan are the biggest recipients of free Covid-19 vaccines. Around 238.2 million doses are expected to be distributed around the world by the end of May this year. The doses of vaccine under Covax programme aim to accelerate the access of covid vaccines in poor countries.  

Although, under the campaign, the majority of jabs are being administered in wealthier and developed countries whereas, many nations are still left to receive a single dose. However, according to a co-leader of the Covax program, the World Health Organization (WHO), for the eradication of the disease, providing vaccines is the only way.  

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On Tuesday, the Covax scheme that aims to ensure fair access to Covid-19 vaccines has outlined a delivery plan for thousands and millions of doses. The five biggest confirmed recipients are:  

  • Pakistan (14,640,000),  
  • Nigeria (13,656,000),  
  • Indonesia (11,704,800),  
  • Bangladesh (10,908,000) 
  • Brazil (9,122,400). 

They are followed by: 

  • Ethiopia (7,620,000),  
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo (5,928,000),  
  • Mexico (5,532,000),  
  • Egypt (4,389,600) 
  • Vietnam (4,176,000). 

Meanwhile, more than 3 million doses will be received by Uganda, Myanmar, Iran, and Kenya. India is expected to the biggest recipient of covax doses by the end of May 2021.  

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Gavi chief executive Seth Berkley said in this regard, “Our goal is to protect as many people as possible. Covax’s mission is to help end the acute phase of the pandemic as soon as possible.”  

Some 237 million doses are included in deliveries of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine. These are being manufactured in India and South Korea, and other 1.2 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine require special ultra-cold storage. 

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