Work on Bhara Kahu bypass to start after FWO shares its draft PC-1 with CDA

Bhara Kahu bypass

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has asked the Frontier Work Organisation (FWO) to present the draft PC-I of the Bhara Kahu bypass project, as it has been facing an undue delay.

The postponement in the start of this project has caused unrest among people as they suffer severe traffic congestion in the Bhara Kahu area while moving to Murree and Azad Kashmir.

The part of the Margalla Road project, the 7.8-km-long bypass has been designed to provide an alternative route for travelers to Murree, Galyat, and Kashmir. Previous Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the foundation of this project in April last year; however, the project is yet to be started.

As per CDA officials, CDA and its contractor FWO have completed more than 70 percent of work on the first phase of Margalla Road from Sangjani to sector D-12.

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Sources in the civic agency stated that draft PC-1 of phase two, known as Bhara Kahu bypass, was being prepared by FWO and once they will submit it to CDA, the civic will present it at the Development Working Party meeting for approval.

The CDA’s engineering wing through a letter reminded FWO regarding the draft PC-I and demanded it for submission as soon as possible, “ In continuation to above letters, I am directed to state that draft PC-I for the project of Bhara Kahu bypass was sought for perusal and approval of the competent forum, however, the same is still awaited.”

In contrast, citizens of Bhara Kahu and other adjoining areas have been waiting for the start of the much-needed project.

Former senator Enwar Baig, who also lives in the area, said he was completely surprised that the CDA established a metro terminal at Bhara Kahu just in 10 days, but the bypass project has still been facing inordinate delay.

“We are not against the metro bus projects, but the bypass is the need of the hour and this should be started with the same zeal,” he said.

Baig added this bypass was imperative for citizens and tourists traveling from Lahore, Faisalabad, and other regions of the country who face a nightmare at Bhra Kau bazaar on weekends and holidays.

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