Women are more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis


The countries headed by women leaders have fared better in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

75% of the total health-related persons consist of women in the world.  90% of the nurses are women who tried their best to save humanity from coronavirus. The countries which are being headed by the women have a lesser rate of death as compared to those, being headed by the males.

The number of women, died by the corona is lesser than those of men. These views were brought forth in an online conference, titled “Coronavirus and the role of women”.

Dr. Sharmila from Malaysia said that the male head of states mishandled the pandemic while women heads of states gave a prompt response to the situation and took the right decisions.

Dr. Lubna Kamani said that the less death of women shows that women are more careful who knows the worth of human life.

Dr. Bushra Jamil said that women are more curious about sanitation. Dr. Nazish Butt from Jannah Hospital, Karachi was of the opinion that the countries which have female ministers of health have a rapid rate of recovery from the effects of coronavirus.

Dr. Semon from Brazil, Dr. Amritha Sethi from USA, Dr. Um Young Cum from South Korea also addressed the forum. The views, presented In the conference are now being highly appreciated by the different quarter’s world over.

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