As Covid-19 cases surge, medical equipment get expensive

Covid-19 medical equipment

There has been an extraordinary rise in the prices of corona related medical equipment and it is at par with the rising number of Covid-19 patients. The equipment to monitor oxygen during home isolation does not exist in the market anymore.

Hoarders and dealers are active in exploiting the people by charging very high prices for all the necessary equipment.

The oxygen monitoring equipment during home isolation has become nonexistent in the market. The digital BP operator is available in the market at the cost of Rs. 4000 to 7000 and the price of oxygen meter is Rs. 2500 to 3000 which was earlier being sold at the rate of Rs. 1500  to Rs. 1800.

The patients of Covid-19 who face breathing problems are in need of nebulizer during their home isolation which is now available at the rate of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7000. Such patients need an oxygen cylinder on an urgent basis which is available on a security deposit of Rs. 3000, this is the rate of the small cylinder which can provide oxygen for about three hours, and the refilling cost Rs. 1000.

Additionally, for the mask, regulator, and other accessories, attached to the oxygen cylinder now cost Rs. 3000. With the rapidly increasing number of corona patients, hospitals are facing room issue therefore, now the patients are being isolated at homes.

According to the doctors, if the suspected patients are less than 60 years of age and the symptoms are not very high, such patients are advised to quarantine at home. On the 11th day after remaining in quarantines, the suspected patients are tested for the coronavirus and according to SOP, if the first test is negative the patient is again tested after 48 hours and if the second test is negative, the person is allowed to come out of isolation with the instructions of taking strict care.

People are expecting the government to take strict actions against those who are responsible for the exorbitant rise in prices of Covid-19 medical equipment. 

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