What’s behind the Ertugrul craze in Pakistan?


People of Pakistan are getting crazy about the Turkish season Dirilis Ertugrul.

This season is history-based drama; history starts from the 11th century. Not only youth is overwhelmed by watching it rather Prime Minister of Pakistan suggested is to the whole nation to watch it to become aware of the heroes who spread Islam around the world.

In an interview with an office worker, he said that he usually heard of this season from his colleagues and others around but never bothered to watch the season. One day when he was sitting idle in quarantine days, he thought of watching the drama. He further said that when he watched the first episode, He automatically got fully involved in this historical season that and he binge watched all the seasons.

Ertugrul season is based on the inception and establishment of the Ottoman Empire but it is being liked around the world due to its strong characters, gripping story, cinematography, and their dialogues.

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