Nationwide lockdown has been eased despite record rise in coronavirus cases


Pakistani government announced easing down the month long lockdown from today but with a set of rules and today, the violation of the SOP was on full display from around the country.

The economic conditions of Pakistan were already in shambles and due to coronavirus, it is getting even worse. IMF and World Bank anticipated GDP contraction in the range of 1.3-1.5% for the year ending June 30, 2020. But, PM Imran Khan is of the view that country can no longer remain in a lockdown situation and therefore the easing down process has started from today onwards.

By considering all the above-mentioned reasons, the government of Pakistan decided to ease the lockdown. From today onwards, all small markets and shops across Pakistan have been allowed to open for 4 four days, in spite of the rise in cases that have crossed 31,000.

Although the lockdown proved to be beneficial in controlling the increase in the number of cases but the economy suffered badly. Ease in lockdown has been done in order to deal with the poor financial condition of Pakistan. The fear is that easing the situation and letting people get out of their homes for shopping and businesses will escalate the spread of the virus. Today the country saw a monumental increase in the outdoor activities when people headed towards markets. 

The federal government permitted every province to manage its lockdown situation according to the number of cases and future predictions. Punjab government permitted only 4 days to open all businesses and the daily life routine, while transportation will remain closed. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be closed. However, All educational institutions will remain closed till mid of July and all board examinations have been canceled which were postponed in March.

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