Water crisis to ease in Rawalpindi, Islamabad next year

Rawalpindi Islamabad water

The possibility of water shortage in Rawalpindi and Islamabad has been ruled out in 2021 as Rawal Dam, Khanpur Dam, and Simly Dam are filled to the brim.

On Saturday, Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Managing Director Shaukat Mahmood said that recent winter rain has fortunately filled all 3 reservoirs that supply water to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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“With Rawal Dam, Khanpur Dam, and Simly Dam filled to the brim, the possibility of water shortage in the Rawalpindi district has been ruled out in 2021,” Mahmood said when contacted on phone regarding the water supply situation.

As for the garrison city, WASA MD said they could supply daily sanctioned capacity until October 31, 2021. He added that Rawal Dam can store 1,752 million acre-feet (MAF) of water while it is currently storing 1,751.9 MAF.

Similarly, Khanpur Dam having a capacity of 1,982 MAF of water is holding 1,980 MAF. Simly Dam too is filled to the brim and its spillways would be opened if there is more rainfall.

The MD said that rain in the catchment areas was bringing more water into the reservoirs. This is becoming the need to open the floodgates in the coming week.

He also said that the rains have replenished the groundwater too and all tube wells were operational at the moment, added that downpours during December and January would not only fill dams rather will increase the underground water level.

Furthermore, the water supply line project from Chuhan Dam to Rawalpindi would soon be started, and the working on Daducha Dam would start next year too to fulfil the water needs of the metropolitan city.

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