WASA Prepares Monsoon Plan for 2020

Monsoon Plan for 2020

Deputy Commissioner said that WASA has prepared the monsoon plan for 2020 and a part of it is to clean the Nullah Lai in Rawalpindi to save the city from the destruction of heavy rain.

Nullah Lai is cleaned well in time so that Rawalpindi could be kept safe from the destruction of heavy rain. The Deputy Commissioner issued these instructions at the time of visiting the Gawalmandi Bridge. Managing Director WASA, Raja Shaukat Mehmood was also with him. The MD WASA briefed the Deputy Commissioner that the Meteorological Department has forecast 20% more rain during the current year.

Keeping it in view, the WASA has prepared the monsoon plan, 2020 and the rain emergency has been implemented in the city which will continue up till 15 September. Under the monsoon plan, the cleanliness of sewerage lines, the cleanliness of Nullah Lai, overhauling of the concerned machinery, and the establishment of field stations will be done.

The task of the cleanliness of all sewerage lines has been completed. All the related machinery is in working condition. Along with the establishment of field offices, the flood control room has also been set up in the WASA Head Office. The Deputy Commissioner overviewed the work and expressed satisfaction. He said that the job of the cleanliness of Nullah Lai is the responsibility of WASA while cleaning the remaining small Nalas is the responsibility of Municipal Corporation.

The Deputy Commissioner directed the MD WASA to complete the cleanliness of Nullah Lai as soon as possible. He further asked MD WASA that the flow of rainwater may also be systematized to avoid dingy.

On contact, the people of the city told that the performance of WASA and Municipal Corporation was quite satisfactory during the last year and expected it this year too, the city will be kept safe from the destruction of heavy rain.

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