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Shahbaz Demands Public Works Program in Country

Public Works Program

President Pakistan Muslim League (N) has exhorted to start the public works program immediately and asked to reduce the rate of interest be to 6%.

According to Shahbaz Sharif, he encouraged to start the public works program as soon as possible and there should be a reduction of interest to 6 percent. These two steps will greatly enhance the economic activities in the country. The construction work may be started in the whole country under the development program so that new job opportunities may be created.

In a statement, President PML (N) said that the construction of schools, hospitals, godowns, and cementing the brinks of canals is the urgent need of time. The government took the wrong step in reserving a lesser budget for the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) instead of enhancing the same as this is the right time when the economic activities could be generated through this program.

He further said that the government should also reduce the rate of income tax to facilitate the masses. At this critical time, people deserved a relief giving budget. Financially relaxed people are the source of increasing the demand and enhancement of demand is a source of economic activity. The budget, reserved for the CPEC is completely insufficient. For the ML-1 project; the upgradation of railway track from Peshawar to Karachi, the reserved amount is nothing but a joke.

Moreover, the Chinese Consul General has offered medical treatment to the Opposition leader after he was tested positive for Covid-19. In the letter, the Chinese government expressed grief and wrote that the Chinese government will be glad to help him regarding the medical treatment for Coronavirus.

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