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UN climate summit declared Pakistan Forestry Champion

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A big honor for the country- Pakistan will guide Asian countries regarding forestry and green initiatives to muddle through the effects of climate change.

Sources revealed that Pakistan was one of the three countries, other two included Costa Rica and Congo, that were nominated as ‘Forestry Champions’ in the world in the course of UN Climate Summit COP26 conducted in Glasgow.

Currently, the United Nations has delegated these three states with the mission to guide their regions about forestry and green initiatives as part of the international efforts to cope with the increasing trial of climate change.

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Moreover, a UN official said that Pakistan would now be performing as a leading green country in the Asian region and it would share its proficiencies with the local countries regarding extremely admired green initiatives such as Clean Green Pakistan, Ten Billion Tree Tsunami project, and Protected Areas Initiatives.

He informed that Pakistan was bestowed the title of ‘Forestry Champion’ in conjunction with Congo and Costa Rica in the third-place owing to its aspiring Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Plantation project.

Meanwhile, Malik Amin Aslam who is the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change has said that in spite of handling financial challenges Pakistan has decided to transform coal-based power plants to renewable energy in stages and regarding this, meetings are also in progress with the Chinese organizations to execute this decision within the specified timeframe.

“Pakistan will now be part of a community of leaders disrupting business-as-usual to lead the way to a nature-positive global economy and halt nature loss by 2030,” he said.

He said, “The government has introduced the Green Stimulus project, aimed at promoting plantation; setting up nurseries and natural forests; encouraging honey fruit and olive plantations; and creating jobs as well as restoring the natural ecosystem in the country.”

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