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UK pledges over £55 million to Pakistan for fight against climate change

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According to a statement released by the British High Commission (BHC) on Thursday, the United Kingdom (UK) has pledged over £55 million to help Pakistan combat climate change as part of the ongoing 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). 

According to the announcement, Pakistan’s new climate change funding is divided into three segments. 

“As world leaders gather in Paris for COP26, Pakistan is at a crossroads. It has been listed as the eighth most vulnerable country to climate change, and rising temperatures would result in the loss of 36 percent of glaciers along the Hindu Kush & Himalayan range by 2100, according to the report. 

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  • A £38 million five-year climate resilience plan will assist Pakistan’s poorest communities in protecting themselves against climate change. 
  • A £15 million five-year water governance plan in Pakistan will make water use more sustainable and water access more accessible. 
  • An extra £2.5 million to promote new approaches to attracting much-needed climate investment to Pakistan, including the creation of a Nature Performance Bond. The UK committed to this on World Environment Day in June, alongside Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

“Climate change could be devastating for Pakistan,” said Dr Christian Turner, the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan. That is why we are collaborating on tree planting and finance, as well as mobilizing key Pakistani companies. With more sustainable water usage and increased access to climate finance, Pakistan will become more resilient to climate impacts, thereby enhancing lives and livelihoods.” 

During COP26, the UK has been working with Pakistan on: 

The #26For26 campaign, which aims to get 26 Pakistani businesses to commit to reducing their emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050.  

So far, 29 companies have expressed interest; Pakistan has joined a group of over 100 countries in pledging to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030. 

Prior to COP26, the UK has been collaborating extensively with Pakistan on climate change, and will provide £7 million this year to assist the country in meeting its goals. 

The United Kingdom started a new programme in Lahore earlier this year to encourage cleaner brick manufacturing processes, which will help to improve air quality, reduce smog, and combat climate change.

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