UK releases new travel advisory for fully vaccinated Pakistanis

UK Pakistanis

The United Kingdom on Friday issued new COVID-related travel guidelines. According to the new rules by UK, the fully jabbed Pakistanis will have to undergo five-day quarantine and PCR tests upon arrival.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has announced that fully vaccinated Pakistanis would be permitted to enter the country after September 22. 

However, due to the fact that certain of the vaccines supplied in Pakistan are not recognized by the UK government, all passengers would be obliged to spend their quarantine term at home. 

The British aviation authority stated that while the quality of approved vaccinations in Pakistan is not its main issue, however, it has reservations about the country’s vaccination certificate process. 

As a result, the on-arrival PCR and quarantine conditions for Pakistani travelers will stay in place until the Pakistani government develops a reliable vaccine certification procedure. 

Even fully vaccinated Pakistanis will be subjected to a PCR test and would be required to fill out a locator form under the new UK restrictions. They will then be subjected to a five-day quarantine, which may be lifted if a negative PCR test is returned on the fifth day. 

Pakistani authorities are confident that after October 4, the British government would begin recognizing Pakistani vaccination certificates. 

It’s worth noting that the British government only recently relaxed restrictions on Pakistani visitors

Prior to that, visitors from the country had to stay in authorized private hotels for 10 days, which cost roughly £2,285 in expenditures. 

The UK government on Friday also announced that from October 4, the traffic light system which is based on the COVID-19 risk will be replace by only one colour list; red list.

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