Two underpasses in Pakistan named after two mega cities of China

underpasses in Pakistan

Depicting the immortal friendship between China and Pakistan, from many flyovers and underpasses laid down in the length and breadth of Pakistan, a couple of underpasses have been termed after the name of two big cities of China.

From the sources, it has been revealed that these underpasses are called “Beijing Underpass” and “Shanghai Underpass”.

Beijing Underpass is situated in Lahore which is attaining fame as an evolving economic hub of Pakistan. While Shanghai Underpass is positioned in Okara, a city of crop and dairy development.

The Beijing underpass having a length of 1.3-kilometer, was completed at a cost of Rs 3.6 billion, connects Dharampura to Mughalpura, one of the busiest main channels of Lahore. Earlier it was named Chubacha Underpass.

The development had been retitled with the purpose to honor China’s contribution to the development of projects in Pakistan.

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Meanwhile, Former CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif called the Beijing Underpass a masterwork of creation and insignia of Pak-China friendship.

Moreover, 600 meters long Shanghai Underpass was initiated by the acting envoy general of Lahore Mr. Peng Zhengwu supplemented by Chinese consulate staffers and the Chinese business community. 

In this regard, civil society, local community, politicians vocalized the slogan of Pakistan-China friendship and anticipated to retitle more underpasses and flyovers on the name of other Chinese cities.

With the launch of “Shanghai Underpass” in Okara, the Municipal Corporations office presented Mr. Peng the “Key of City.”

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