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Twitter might come with a slight cost for commercial, government users

Twitter cost

Governments and commercial users may soon find that their tweets come with a price tag. According to the new Twitter owner Elon Musk, Twitter will always be free for regular users, however, there may be a small cost for “commercial/government users,” Musk said on his official Twitter account. “Ultimately, the Freemasons’ downfall was giving away their stonecutting services for free,” he wrote, before adding, “Twitter will always be free for casual users, but maybe a small fee for commercial/government users.”

Musk responded, “Some revenue is better than none!” when someone tweeted that Freemasons couldn’t compete with “discount masons.” This suggests he’s serious about this.

Musk has long maintained that Twitter is a crucial element of public conversation and that, after the acquisition is completed, he intends to take the firm private. Musk’s business plans for Twitter, according to Reuters, included the ability to generate revenue from viral tweets. According to the report, he intends to charge a fee to third-party websites that wish to quote or embed tweets from verified individuals or organizations.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously tweeted that he intends to make modifications to the company’s Twitter Blue premium subscription service, including lowering the cost, removing adverts, and adding the choice of paying in the cryptocurrency dogecoin.

Musk’s Latest Tweets

Elon Musk’s Twitter arrangement was revealed on Monday, April 28th, and he would pay $44 billion for the company. However, the specifics of how he intends to fund this are yet unknown. Since the announcement of the deal, Musk has continued his tweeting spree, teasing and discussing a slew of upcoming changes to the platform.

Some of Musk’s remarks have sparked retaliation against Twitter employees, notably Vijaya Gadde, the company’s legal chief, who has endured a barrage of racial abuse and harassment on the network after Musk obliquely chastised her.

He then followed up with a meme insulting Gadde. When former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo accused Musk of abusing staff, Musk responded, “What are you talking about?” “All I’m arguing is that Twitter needs to be politically neutral.”

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