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Salaam Estate and Builders

Mr. Saifullah is the CEO of Salaam Estate and Builders and he is always welcoming people to his prosperous platform. Being regarded as the CEO of a victorious platform will surely be heart-warming. He loves to take on challenges and fulfill them in authentic ways in the eyes of people. This is why he has taken on numerous challenges on his platform and has succeeded. Moreover, his topmost priority is always satisfaction not only from customers but from the team as well. One of his long-term and ultimate goals was to become known as the best and most authentic seller in Bahria Town Karachi.  

Fast-forwarding now, Salaam Estate and Builders are known as the best builders of Bahria Town Karachi. Once you take a look around, you will notice that all of their projects are completed on the grounds of true worth, dedication, and hard work. In a busy and evolving world today, Salaam Estate and Builders have been the first to introduce new ideas and projects in Bahria Town Karachi. Hence, they not only have made some commercial and residential projects but, many. Some of their projects include centers, villas, trade towers, mosques, shopping galleries, and much more. Click here to check Latest Bahria Town Karachi Prices 

Their unique work 

When it comes to serving with the best quality, Salaam Estate and Builders are the first to do so. They can make and also accomplished a ton of different projects which we envisioned. Nothing is impossible for them because they have made all the blueprints come true. Salaam Estate and Builders started small but bloomed as the years passed and now officially stand tall. One of the best successes that they have made so far is: 

  •  UBN Trade Tower 
  • Dx Smart Apartments 
  • Dx Luxury Apartments 

The UBN Trade Tower 

Salaam Estate and Builders always come up with the blueprints that they need to work for. This is a 15-floor tower which is the main attractive unit in Bahria Town Karachi. Salaam Estate and Builders have always been keen on every step that they take. The tower is ideal for your business because: 

  • There are spacious rooms available according to your desires 
  • A wide span from 600 sqft to 900 sqft which can be expanded to 1000 sqft to 1100 sqft 
  • Modern trend fashion style rooms 
  • High-maintained area with excellent quality material 
  • Strict security management 

DX Smart Apartment  

This is one project that was anticipated the most. It is located in Ali Square, the plot no. is 82. There are a total of 8 floors located about the ground floor. The best fact about this project is that the whole project was sold out even before DX Smart Apartments in Bahria town Karachi was launched. The location of this project is utopian because it has views of: 

  • Bahria Heights in the front 
  • Villas of 10-A 
  • Ali Square 
  • Ali Block 
  • Precinct 8 

Explore DX Luxury Apartments   

If you are wanting to live in the future while being luxurious then this project will suit best for you. Salaam Estate and Builders want to make a comforting living for everyone. Just like the other project’s location, they made the setting of this project like a dreamland as well. Its surroundings will have: 

  • Jinnah apartments 
  • Ali villas 
  • Mosque 
  • Shopping plaza 
  • Iqra University 

Take a look at the numerous villas in precinct 12 

Salaam Estate has indeed done so much for people by constructing numerous attractive sites. However, that is not the only thing to take into consideration. Therefore, they have not just been working on creating marvelous things but they have constructed numerous villas as well. Here are some that you can see for yourself. 

Precinct 12 has been in the fastest development phase. Salam Estate and Builders have managed to construct 7 villas there that are standing tall from the rest. All of these 7 villas are made beautifully and they are distinct from the rest of the villas found in precinct 12. Precinct 12 is an alive area where numerous families are staying. There are all the facilities in this precinct which is why Salaam Estate and Builders constructed marvelous villas here for families. 

The number of villas in precinct 27  

Salaam Estate and Builders have managed to construct 6 villas in this precinct. While working with their other projects, emphasizing making villas in numerous precincts is difficult. However, Salaam Estate and Builders have managed to do it. Therefore, they are always on the move to construct something so that families who move here are at ease. 

The villas in precinct 11 B 

Salaam Estate and Builders have numerous projects that they are working on. The construction is steady and it is quick but they still managed to make 2 villas in precinct 11 B. Not only that, but 13 villas are under construction on residential sites and 3 commercial projects. All of these will be going under the digging process soon which will add to the number of villas constructed by Salaam Estate and Builders. 

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