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Turkish chef CZN Burak thinks ‘Pakistan tea is fantastic’ as he trolls India

CZN Burak Pakistan tea

A social media sensation, famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir aka CZN Burak recreated the iconic quote of Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman that ‘Pakistan tea is fantastic’.

The Turkish chef once again showed his love for Pakistan after he recreated the well-known quote during his four day visit sponsored by a telecom operator where he also travelled to different parts of the country while falling in love with the local cuisine.

In the viral video, CZN Burak is seen saying “Hello Pakistan, Pakistan tea is fantastic!” while holding a cup and taking pleasure with every sip.

The phrase became famous due to an interrogation video of the Indian wing commander. This commander was captured by the Pakistani army and then was released shortly after his plane was shot down in Pakistani airspace in 2019.

Furthermore, in the viral video of the Indian commander who was captured by the Pakistani army then, the commander praised the Pakistan Army for treating him with dignity and respect during his capture and captivity.

Ozdemir, who is known for making Middle Eastern delicacies in Turkey has more than 17 million followers on Instagram and over 477,000 on Twitter can be seen smirking as he sips his tea in front of the camera.

However, this famous chef is on a 4 day trip to Pakistan. Ozdemir visited an Ehsas Panahgah in Islamabad earlier in his trip where he helped the staff cook and serve the food. According to his statement, he is in Pakistan to explore, what the country has to offer and ‘to dispel any misconceptions’.

He also expressed his wish to extend his food chain to Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir, “I hope to open a restaurant in Kashmir after its liberation,” the social media star said. He had usually been seen expressing love for Pakistan as a few days ago on his visit to the country, he said, “Pakistanis are our brothers first, then customers.”

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