98.6°F vs new normal: Why is our body temperature declining over time?

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The results of shocking research which appeared in the recent publication of the renowned scientific magazine Science Advances proved that the 98.6°F is no more the “normal” body temperature as it is on a constant decline on daily basis.

The research was done on the tribal people of “Tsimane” an area of Bolivia. Most of the people who were selected for this purpose were poor peasants who are passing their subsistence lives. Under this interesting study plan, the temperature of 5,500 adult Tsimane tribal people was recorded during the last 16 years. The record of the temperature of these people was being kept under a long term local project, called “Tsimene health and life history project”.

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The 16-year record of the temperature of those tribal people manifested that the normal body temperature has been constantly decreasing.

Earlier, another research was undertaken in the UK and USA respectively in 2017 and 2019 in which the same results were achieved. It was then conceived that both of these countries are developed and people, in general, are healthy who rarely face the diseases due to congenial living atmosphere.

The temperature of the healthy people of Tsimane tribes reveals that their temperature has been falling for the last 16 years which is now 97.7 Fahrenheit. The temperature of a healthy man is considered to be appropriate if it is 98.6 Fahrenheit.

Therefore, it seems that the body temperature of the people of Tsimane has been decreasing up to 0.056 degrees Fahrenheit per annum.

Prof. Dr. Mikal Gervin, the professor of anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbra, said the decrease in the temperature of the human body started only ten years ago which is still continued and why it is happening, none has the answer to this question. It is required to continue the process of research over this important issue to find out the causes of the fall of temperature in the human body.

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