Turkey sets up advanced honeybee research laboratory in Islamabad

Honeybee research laboratory

Due to the high demand for honey in rural areas, Pakistan established a Honeybee Research Laboratory with the cooperation of Turkey.

The honeybee research laboratory has been set up in Islamabad with the cooperation of Turkey to boost the production of quality honey in Pakistan.

On Wednesday in Islamabad, the laboratory was inaugurated at a ceremony at the National Agriculture Research Center. While speaking on the occasion, Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul, Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan expressed the commitment to further promote cooperation with Pakistan in different fields.

The ambassador added that Pakistan and Turkey will work together in order to ensure food security.

Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Muhammad Azeem Khan while addressing on the occasion thanked the Turkish assistance to establish Honeybee Research Laboratory. He said the production of quality honey is going on and the establishment of the laboratory will help it further enhancing the production of quality honey by following modern standards.

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Muhammad Azeem Khan said that training of beekeepers is part of Pakistan-Turkey cooperation. He said, “We can get better price of our honey in the world market by acquiring the international certification.”

According to the All Pakistan Beekeepers Trade and Exporters Association, in addition to the new jobs being generated for thousands of men and women, the business is helping the country earn foreign exchange through exports and specifically to Middle Eastern countries.

Meanwhile, President of the All Pakistan Beekeepers Trade and Exporters Association, Raza Khan said that Pakistan is producing hundred percent organic honey through modern bee farming, and demand was increasing, particularly in Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait.

“Our honey is unique in the world for its natural taste, color and texture,” Raza Khan said. “Therefore, its demand abroad is growing fast,” he further urged to provide more incentives to boost the business and grant industry status to commercial beekeeping.

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