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Trump campaign lawsuits dismissed by judges in Michigan and Georgia

Trump lawsuits

Judges in Georgia and Michigan quickly dismissed Trump campaign lawsuits Thursday in states where the result trends favor Biden and where the defeat for President Donald Trump can make him lose his presidency.

The rulings came as Democrat Joe Biden inches closer to the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House, and Trump and his campaign promised even more legal action based on baseless allegations of voter fraud.

In this election, the court battles so far have been small-scale efforts to get a closer look at local elections officials as they count the absentee ballots. A Michigan judge noted that the state’s ballot count is over as she tossed the campaign’s lawsuit.

In Georgia, the Donal Trump campaign and the Georgia GOP’s challenged the vote counting in Savannah which was disallowed by Chatham County Superior Court Judge. The judge dismissed a case after elections officials in the Savannah-area county testified that all of those ballots had been received on time.

The Trump campaign had filed lawsuits which raises questions about whether Chatham County election officers were following the Georgia law to make sure no late entry ballots were counted. As per the Georgian state law, any ballots that reaches after 7 p.m. on election day will be annulled.

The Republicans who had raised concerns about the process testified in the video conference hearing. The Republican pair testified about concerns related to the procedure they detect connecting a stack of 53 ballots, but there was no evidence provided by both that the secret ballot had come in after the deadline.

After listening to the testimony for more than one hour through video conference in which includes a details office uses to receive and track absentee ballots, however, the judge James F. Bass quickly concluded the case.
“I’m denying the request and dismissing the petition,” he said.

Chatham had more than 17,000 ballots which had to be counted and Donald Trump was trying to hold off the counting process as the Democratic candidate Joe Biden was gradually increasing his position in Georgia which has now turned into a lead for him.

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