Transgender model Rimal Ali joins PTI

Rimal Ali

Transgender model and actor Rimal Ali has been appointed as the Gender Discrimination Coordinator of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Welfare Wing. 

She has joined the ruling party in “vengeance”, to “strengthen the community” and to focus on the welfare sector. 

Ali was allegedly kidnapped and tortured just a couple of days before joining politics in vengeance, claiming the experience has forced her to do so and she hoped to strengthen the community she belongs to, for people like her. 

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Her torture incident’s news had been taking rounds all over on social media platforms. Netizens fully supported Rimal Ali in every step she has taken and raised their voices for the transgendered community. 

She may have joined politics but she has also chosen to maintain her links to showbiz. “I will continue my showbiz career and nowadays, am engaged in various projects. In coming days, my fans will see me in the drama industry and in more films.”

Ali said she received appreciation when her career began and she had the opportunity to work with big names in the entertainment industry.

As per the model’s statement, “I was appreciated by the public when I started my career and luckily, have got opportunities to work with legendary actors and actresses, including Mahira Khan. Showbiz is my passion and I will not leave it. In these uncertain days, the situation in the industry is a bit disturbed due to Covid-19. But like many others, I am also struggling through this difficult time.”

Besides, Ali also reportedly joined the United Nations Human Rights, where, too, she would work on gender-related issues.

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