Trains are ready to move; Masks made compulsory for passengers


Pakistan Railways has made full preparation to start 15 up and 15 down trains from 20 May. SOPs are being prepared for the passengers.

All railway employees including, train drivers and assistant train drivers have called to duty, canceling the vacations. No passengers will be allowed to enter the railway station without masks, gloves and sanitizer.

9 trains will start from the Rawalpindi railway station. Pakistan Express will be the first train which will start its journey at 6’ o clock from Rawalpindi railway station.

The trains and engines have been completely sanitized which are ready to move. SOPs have also been made for all the employees. Drivers will not be allowed to come out of the engine once they enter.

The passenger will be fined Rs 500 if they do not follow the SOPs, keeping the social distance. Next time, this fine would increase up to Rs 1000 and the passenger would be offloaded at the next railway station. Booking will be online and reservation offices will remain closed.

Relatives will not be allowed to come to the station to see off the passenger. No unconcerned person will be allowed to come closer to the railway station within 200 meters.

Names of other trains that are being started partially are Khyber Mail, Awam Express, Jaffer Express, Greenline, Meher Express, Subuk rafters, Islamabad Express, Pak Business & Karakoram Express, Allam Iqbal Express, and Sukker Express.

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