Traffic Chaos Ensues on GT Road Following Closure of Defense Chowk Bridge

Traffic Chaos Ensues on GT Road Following Closure of Defense Chowk Bridge

Traffic congestion on GT Road is escalating rapidly due to the shuttering of the bridge at Defense Chowk, causing major inconveniences for motorists headed to DHA 1 and 2. 

In a recent social media update, it was reported that the bridge near Defense Chowk, a crucial access point used by drivers either to make a U-turn or to head towards DHA 1, has been temporarily shut down. 

A traffic officer cited in the social media post explained that a part of the bridge has suffered damage, making it unable to withstand the strain of heavy traffic. However, no details were provided regarding the timeline for reopening the bridge, leaving motorists uncertain. 

Social media platforms are awash with video content showing gridlocked traffic and frustrated commuters voicing their displeasure with the predicament. One such video includes a driver’s narration of his ordeal of taking a U-turn from the Sawan Bridge, located less than a kilometer away from Defense Chowk, a detour which took him an agonizing 50 minutes due to the vehicular logjam. 

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The situation has been further exacerbated by the collapse of the under-construction Sawan Bridge due to a landslide triggered by heavy rainfall in Rawalpindi. Despite the fact that no casualties have been reported from the incident, the halted construction work has intensified the traffic gridlock. 

Videos depict a substantial backlog of vehicles stuck in standstill traffic; their progress virtually non-existent. As rush hour approaches, the situation is only expected to deteriorate further. The local populace is being advised to plan their travels with this predicament in mind. 

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