Motorcycles were involved in 71% of road accidents in Punjab


According to recent reports, Motorcycles are one of the most regular causes of traffic accidents as they were involved in as many as 71% of the 1,195 road accidents reported across Punjab.

This development was established by official data, which showed that motorbikes were involved in up to 71% of the 1,195 documented road incidents in Punjab. At least four people lost their lives and 1,282 others were injured in traffic accidents over the past 24 hours. 

The data also shows that 1,041 motorbikes, 96 rickshaws, 158 cars, 24 vans, 13 buses, 22 trucks, and 106 other types of vehicles and carts were all engaged in traffic accidents. At least 726 individuals required immediate medical attention for serious injuries, while another 557 did so for minor ones. 

The data also showed that among those killed in traffic accidents were 599 adults, 39 underage drivers, 175 pedestrians, and 513 passengers. In addition, 304 accidents were reported in Lahore, resulting in 326 casualties, followed by 84 incidents in Multan, resulting in 104 casualties, and 82 accidents in Faisalabad, resulting in 74 casualties. 

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There are 1,033 male victims and 254 female victims, with 240 victims under the age of 18, 658 victims between the ages of 18 and 40, and 399 victims older than 40. 

Lahore Traffic Fines 

Meanwhile, the fine for unlawful parking in Lahore City has increased by 900%. Muntazir Mehdi, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, has instructed the field agents to adhere to a zero-tolerance policy toward the offenders. 

He continued by saying that the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) strict orders to govern the decision to issue fines. Muntazir Mehdi cautioned that the new fines would be in place from second week of October.

He claimed that wrong parking and illegal parking stands were the main causes of Lahore’s severe traffic congestion, which was a major problem for the city’s residents. For the next three days, we will undertake a thorough awareness campaign through print and electronic media to inform the public about this. 

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