LPG Tanker Overturns on M2 Motorway’s Kallar Kahar Section, Prompting Safety Concerns

LPG Tanker Overturns on M2 Motorway’s Kallar Kahar Section, Prompting Safety Concerns

In the latest of a string of vehicle accidents on the M2 motorway, a heavy-duty truck carrying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tipped over while navigating a sharp curve in the notorious Kallar Kahar sector. 

As per a recent update on Twitter, the substantial vehicle transporting LPG capsized on the Kallar Kahar Motorway, causing an immediate leakage of the gas from the tanker. The incident occurred more than 24 hours ago, but according to the tweet, the local authorities have yet to take decisive action in the face of this precarious situation. 

The tanker is carrying 22 tons of LPG which is presently at risk of exploding due to the soaring temperatures, posing a significant threat to the public and the environment. 

Following the dreadful bus accident that occurred on the Kallar Kahar stretch just last week, the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) had announced an initiative to escort heavy vehicles through this accident-prone section of the road. 

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Deputy Inspector General (DIG) for the Motorway North Zone, Mohammad Yusuf Malik, reportedly declared that buses enroute from Islamabad to Lahore would be issued timecards at designated safe spots along the route. These vehicles will then be surveilled by speed cameras and patrol cars. 

Furthermore, a strategic move was outlined whereby a suitable number of buses will be grouped together at a safe location before proceeding as a convoy through the hazardous range. This technique, it was stated, could drastically decrease the incidence of road accidents, particularly in the perilous Kallar Kahar sector. 

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