Toyota Pakistan Increases Prices of Prado, Hiace, Prius Among Other Cars

Toyota Pakistan

Toyota Pakistan has increased the prices of its vehicles owing to an increase in FED on imported cars under Budget 2020-21.

The fresh price hike of up to Rs 48,70,000 has come amid recent price hikes by almost all top car manufacturers of Pakistan.

According to the notification issued by Toyota Indus Motors of Pakistan here are the before and after prices of Toyota variants:

Lexus LC200 VX A/T (Diesel)

Old Price > Rs 46,500,000
New Price> Rs 51,370,000
Price Difference> Rs 3,870,000

Lexus LC 200 VX A/T (Gasoline)

Old Price> Rs 48,000,000
New Price> Rs 52,650,000
Price Difference> Rs 4,650,000

Prado 4.0 Petrol A/T

Old Price> Rs 38,400,000
New Price> Rs 41,410,000
Price Difference> Rs 3,010,000

Prado 3.0 Diesel Turbo A/T

Old Price> Rs 36,700,000
New Price> Rs 39,270,000
Price Difference> Rs 2,570,000

Prius 1.8L

Old Price> Rs 8,370,000
New Price> Rs 9,270,000
Price Difference> Rs 900,000

Camry High Grade

Old Price> Rs 16,500,000
New Price> Rs 18,630,000
Price Difference> Rs 2,130,000

Hiace High Roof (Diesel)

Old Price> Rs 6,870,000
New Price> Rs 7,350,000
Price Difference> Rs 480,000

Hiace Mild Roof Dual AC (Gasoline)

Old Price> Rs 6,190,000
New Price> Rs 6,620,000
Price Difference> Rs 430,000

Hiace Deluxe Ace Lux Wagon High Grade

Old Price> Rs 9,999,000
New Price> Rs 11,120,000
Price Difference> Rs 1,121,000

GMT Rush

Old Price> Rs 5,040,000
New Price> Rs 5,630,000
Price Difference> Rs 590,000

GAT Rush

Old Price> Rs 5,220,000
New Price> Rs 5,840,000
Price Difference> Rs 620,000


Old Price> Rs 5,499,000
New Price> Rs 5,912,000
Price Difference> Rs 413,000

 Revo GMT

Old Price> Rs 53,870,000
New Price> Rs 6,342,000
Price Difference> Rs 443,000

Revo G AT

Old Price> Rs 6,199,000
New Price> Rs 6,664,000
Price Difference> Rs 465,000

Hilux, Revo V AT

Old Price> Rs 6,549,000
New Price> Rs 7,041,000
Price Difference> Rs 492,000

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