TikTok Star Alishbah Anjum on acting in Mere Paas Tum Ho

TikTok Alishbah Anjum

In a recent interview with Alishbah Anjum, the TikTok star revealed some interesting things about herself that have taken the internet by storm.

Alishbah Anjum and Jannat Mirza are the famous TikTok duo in Pakistan. The two sisters have captivated the whole TikTok with their alluring and entertaining performance. These two girls are often invited in interviews, so in a recent interview with Alishba, she revealed something very interesting about herself.

In her interview on a YouTube channel, she was asked to pick a character role that she feels she could do better than the real one. As we all know that the confidence of this beautiful TikTok star, she did not take a minute and said that she could fit in the role of Mehwish in Mere Pas Tum Ho. She actually chose herself instead of Ayeza Khan the love of almost whole Pakistan.

Could Alishba really act better than Ayeza? Well, it is for people to opinionate.

Moreover, she said that she cannot act innocent roles so by rejecting the role of Manno in Mann Mayal and Khirad in Hamsafar she chose the role of Mehwish.

She was also asked of her relationship with Affan Aryan on which she said, “woh( Affan) bus colleague hain meray, woh bhe TikTok banatay hain aur main bhe TikTok banati hun.”

She laughably added, “TikTok pai tau videos banti hain, jorray tau asmano pai bantay hain.”

Now people have started gossiping of her comparison with Ayeza Khan but many things are yet to be revealed as soon the star may act in a drama serial or a film.

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