District admin planning lockdown 22 localities in Rawalpindi

The administration of the Rawalpindi district is planning to lockdown 22 localities that include 15 in the city and seven cantonment areas.

On Wednesday, the district administration has taken notice of lockdown 22 localities. 15 localities will be in the city and 7 other will be cantt areas. The lockdown will be imposed from Thursday on for two weeks. This step was taken when cases of coronavirus increased to 4,428 and the death toll reached 197 in the city. In the last 24 hours on Tuesday, there have been 1,090 new cases diagnosed and 67 patients died in Rawalpindi.

The Deputy Commissioner Capt retired Anwarul Haq said that there is an enormous rise in reported cases in Rawalpindi. A combined list of newly infected patients’ cases and deaths of coronavirus are issued every day by public and private hospitals and laboratories. However, cases are tremendously increasing due to the violation of standard operating procedures.

The list of approved localities of Rawalpindi has been sent to the provincial government for formal approval and on the basis of it, the areas will be sealed from Thursday, residents are given 24 hours to store essential commodities, food, and other necessary items.

“The coronavirus is spread in all areas, but these areas are more affected so they will be locked down initially,” Anwarul Haq said “Oxygen needs to be provided to patients, as most of them arrive in hospitals with breathing difficulties. The government is providing oxygen to all hospitals without any delays”.

The areas to be put on lockdown are Dhoke Kashmirian, Dhoke Kala Khan, Aliabad, Dhoke Ali Akbar, Dhoke Paracha, Kuri Road, Magistrate Colony, Sadiqabad, Satellite Town Block A and C, Afandi Colony, Muslim Town, and Khurram Colony. While cantonment areas are, People Colony and Allama Iqbal Colony, Dheri Hasanabad, Gousia Chowk, Dheri Hasanabad, Jhawara, and Tench Bhatta.

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