TikTok launches new Shop Seller University to expand its e-commerce push

TikTok Shop Seller

Just months after beginning their partnership with Shopify, TikTok has announced their Shop Seller University which is currently being limited to Indonesia.

TikTok is continuously making efforts to monetize options for creators. The video sharing app has introduced new feature by launching a new education portal called TikTok Shop Seller University, which TikTok is currently testing in Indonesia.

The portal will educate users on how they can use the platform to sell in one of two ways. On their own or through TikTok affiliate.

TikTok describes the new education platform as: “…a training hub to help you do business on TikTok. We offer a full suite of lessons on seller tools, policies and the latest updates to the shop. Start to learn and sell big!”

Users will finally be able to sign-up to the program to sell products on TikTok in a range of ways. “If you choose to sell through your personal page, you can then display products via livestreaming or short videos, with product anchors embedded in your content. When customers view your content, they can be re-directed to the corresponding product detail page by clicking on the product anchor.”

TikTok also mentioned that signing up to the program will help you to showcase their products on the second tab of their profile page.

The program also has an affiliate element, “If you choose to sell through affiliate, you can upload your products to the Seller Center, set your promotion plans, and collaborate with TikTok influencers to promote your products.”

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You first need to sign up for a TikTok account in order to sell products on the platform.

“Once you’ve signed up to TikTok, you can then join the TikTok Shop through the Seller Center. Please follow the instructions below:

First, sign up as a TikTok Shop Seller and enter your basic information such as where you are based, your phone number, email address, and more. Please note that all fields must be completed.

​Next, enter your basic business information such as shop name, where your shop is based, warehouse address, and more.

​Complete or provide the required documents (such as your business registration information or personal information). The TikTok Shop reserves the right to verify the information that has been submitted.”

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