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‘Tight jeans, short shirts’ banned as FDE issues dress code for educationists

FDE dress code

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has issued a recent dress code for the teachers in federal institutions which prohibits female educationists from wearing jeans and tights. 

According to the document presented by the director academics stated: “All heads of institutions/section in-charges shall ensure that every staff member observes reasonably good measures in their physical appearance and personal hygiene.”

It communicated that female staff can be costumed in a clean scarf and hijab whereas slippers and other groovy footwear will be forbidden in all educational institutions.

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“It is recommended that all teaching staff should wear teaching gowns while teaching in classes and lab coats while taking practical periods in laboratories,” the letter said 

While the male teachers will be limited to wear jeans and T-shirts. Winter stoles for men will also be against the new dress code according to FDE.

Furthermore, the male staff has been ordered not to dress in any casual dressing along with chains and slippers. Long hair and ponytails are also not allowed anymore. It added further that the male teachers can attire sweaters and designs in winter and they must have to wear waistcoats with shalwar kameez. 

“Wear dress shirt with full sleeve tie and trousers,” the letter ordered tallying that half-sleeved shirts or bush shirts may also be worn during the summer, but not all types of T-shirts are acceptable. 

Moreover, the letter restricts that the doorkeeper also should be in his acclaimed uniform that is selected for all support staff. 

While directing for the dress code for all the employees, the letter said that they intend to preserve a formal dress code in institutions, campuses, and during official functions, functions, and meetings. 

Besides this, the notification directed all the professors to put on teaching gowns in classes and lab coats in laboratories. The area education officers have been ordered by FDE to make sure the implementation of the new dress code. 

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