Third phase of beautification of Murree Road, Rawalpindi starts

Rawalpindi Murree Road beautification

Parks & Horticulture Authority Rawalpindi has started the third phase of the beautification of Murree Road, Rawalpindi.

In this phase beautification work has been started from Murir Chowk to Liaquat Bagh Chowk and Education Officer to Committee Chowk. At all the main points of Chandni Chowk, the long front phase of St Mary’s School and surroundings of Committee Chowk, beautifully designed flower pots have been placed along with the natural planting. Walls have also been decorated and small flower pots in big quantities have been placed.

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PHA Director General (DG) Shafqat Raza has said that at Faizabad and Murir Chowk which are the entry points of Murree road, two beautiful big gates will be constructed. Beautifully designed benches are also being placed at different points at Murree road.

The plan behind the beautification of Murree Road is to make Rawalpindi the beautiful modern city of Punjab. It will not be out of interest to mention here that Rawalpindi Development Authority in cooperation with UNO and Turkish NGO has started the beautification of 4 old bazaars of Rawalpindi including bhawra bazar, sarafa bazar, raja bazar, and moti bazaar.

After the sunset, only pedestrians will be allowed to enter these bazaars, and entry of vehicles and motorbikes will be prohibited. The services of senior bureaucrat Kamran Lashari and Naeem Pasha have been hired, the unique idea of starting the food street Gawalmandi, Lahore was the brainchild of Kamran Lashari.

Initially, the cables\wire of electricity, telephone, cable network and internet etc hanging here and there will be properly fixed in pipes. Beautiful lights will be placed on the ways, benches will be placed at open places to sit. There will be separate sitting places for ladies, along with local food, stalls of fast food and drinks will also be there. Buildings if surroundings will be artistically colored. Sewage channels will be cleaned and cemented.

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