The world lost 29 million acres of tree cover last year

world tree cover

The world lost 29 million acres of tree cover last year is devastating news for the planet and knowing that every year the numbers are increasing makes the situation even worse.

The success stories of many countries now supporting tree planting efforts in some places point to lessons we learned to combine national and corporate policy to help curb the problem. But it’s even more important to keep existing forests standing.

As a well know fact trees can decrease the temperature by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. But trees are decreasing day by day around the world in staggering numbers. A study was published last year by US forest service which revealed that only the United States is dropping by almost 36 million trees annually.

If it remains the same then the temperature will rise and the country will face an increase in pollution says David Nowak a senior US forest service scientist and co-author of the study.

There are so many reasons why the many rainforests are shrinking and the world lost so much of tree cover such as, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and insects but the one reason which is very important is their cutting for infrastructure building and if builders do a sensible development then not much wood would be lost.

A Nowak study lists down 10 benefits trees provide to the society.

The 10 benefits of proper world tree cover are:

Heat Reduction, Air Pollution Reduction, Energy Emissions Reduction, Water Quality Improvement, Flooding Reduction, Noise Reduction, UV Protection, Improve Human Health, Improve Aesthetics, and Wildlife Inhabitant.

Apart from these benefits there are downsides as well such as pollen allergies or falling of a large branch during a storm can damage your property but there are some ways and by following them we can make our communities flourish. All you need to do is manage and work with the trees.

It is very challenging for a tree to regrow on its own in a city environment because of the pollution, pathways, and asphalt. That’s why the forest community has to go by themselves and plant a tree because the zone is not natural any longer. Roughly they take care of the tree for almost 10 years and make sure it gets a strong structure.

We must not try to remove old trees if it’s not obligatory just try to cut down the branches instead. It takes time to become a big tree you can say 50 to 100 years. But if you take out that old tree and say we will replant on another area that does not guarantee that new plant will make it for that long.

The citizens must be motivated to grow trees in their property as it will provide you great energy and also natural beauty.

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