The story of Dr Sarah Gill, Pakistan’s first transgender doctor

Sarah Gill

Sarah Gill, a 23 years old transgender has become the first Pakistani transgender doctor, managed to pass the final examination of MBBS from Karachi University.

On Tuesday, Sarah made history by achieving MBBS degree from Karachi university and became first Pakistani transgender. According to her one can achieve anything with hard work and determination. She has worked really hard to become a doctor.

While taking about her achievement in some program, Pakistan’s first transgender doctor stated that, “No one can stop you from achieving something if you’re passionate about it. There are difficulties in life,” adding that, “I wanted to make Pakistan famous and my parents have also accepted me after I became a doctor.”

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Sarah further added, “I want to tell the transgender community to not lose hope. If I can become a doctor then anyone of you can work hard and be successful.”

Sarah Gill also talked about how parents throw their transgender children out of their houses because of the pressure of society along with expressing hope for a better future. 

“Stop throwing your children out of the houses because of the pressure of society. It’s just the start, things will get better in future Inshallah,” she said.

In another interview, she talked about her hardships, she had faced, “I couldn’t believe for years that my parents could leave me. I went through it day by day in the hopes that my parents would accept me one day. My parents provided me good education so I was able to search the Internet and know my answers.”

However, her life finally took a better turn for her when a program called International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) approached her. They hadn’t taken a trans to date and Sarah became the first transgender ever to be selected for IVLP.

She concluded, “I would like to tell my fellow transgender brothers and sisters to never give up. Yes, life is not easy for us but if you want to achieve something you have to make sacrifices.”

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