Thai mall swaps lift buttons with foot pedals for zero-contact

thai mall foot pedal

As the coronavirus takes down the world quickly and we have seen lockdown been imposed in almost every country in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, a Thai mall came up with impressive development by making elevators work through foot pedals instead of using fingers for lift buttons for going up or coming down.

Modern problems require modern solutions. After reopening of malls when the situation of the coronavirus eased in the country, the management of Seacon Square Mall which is situated in Bangkok, Thailand came up with an impressive idea and installed foot pedals in the elevator. In big shopping malls, the elevators or doors are the ones that are used frequently so to minimize the danger of the virus, the management installed foot pedals on potential contact points. Now the button panel is replaced with foot pedals.

As we all know the vaccine is still in process and it could take up to one or two years to come in the market so right now the only option we have is to secure ourselves by following the standard operating procedures.

Everyone is appreciating the action of installation of foot pedals by the Thai mall from Bangkok, as the shops are and malls are opening again with strong adherence to SOP’s please keep in mind that the virus is still there so make sure you don’t take too much time outside and only go for a visit in an emergency situation.

Safety always comes first and then the rest. The online stores are flourishing these days because of the coronavirus and people are being careful to not go outside and resort to shopping from their homes. If its emergency and you have to go outside then make sure you wear masks and gloves because by wearing these two items its most probably that you won’t get affected.

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