Telefilm Aik Hai Nigar won ‘Best Asian Film’ at Septimius Awards 2022

Aik Hai Nigar

2022 proves to be a lucky year for the Pakistani entertainment industry and international feats. The biopic admiring the life and struggles of Major General Nigar Johar, the first female officer to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant general, won big at Amsterdam! A telefilm, Aik Hai Nigar, starring Mahira Khan in the leading role, has won the nomination of Best Asian Film at the prestigious Septimius Awards.

Along with highlighting Lt General Nigar’s professional attainments, Aik Hai Nigar also shed light on her personal life, a major part of which is her husband, Johar Ali Khan, starred by actor Bilal Ashraf.

The film opened ways for more women to move towards their goals of leadership positions in the military and otherwise.

Annually, the international film festival features the best independent films from across the world. It lays great emphasis on discovering and encouraging new talent and has a wide range of attendees including Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy winners. A total of eight films were included in the category for Best Asian Film.

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Besides the Nina Kashif production, the nominations included Farha, a picture showing the life of a 14-year-old girl in 1948 Palestine watching a catastrophe destroy her house from a locked cellar;  Sermon on the Mount, a film on black experiences; 218: Behind the Wall of Silence, an Emirati film on three women living in apartment 218 and their stories of domestic violence, nostalgia for a lost past and the search of revenge; and Paka (River of Blood), an Indian Malayalam drama based on a historic river that swells with the blood of two fighting families and a young couple that puts in the effort to overcome this hatred with their love.

Moreover, the festival also showcased Gensan Punch, which isbased on a true story of a Japanese athlete, Major, a biopic on the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan during the 2008 attacks at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India, and Careless Crime, a movie on four boys burning a theatre down in protest in Iran.

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