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TDAP launches Pakistan’s first international virtual textile exhibition TEXPO


The Trade and Development Authority (TDAP) organized the first virtual textile exhibition on Friday, TEXPO 2021, which was attended by the fashion exerts and the giants of the textile industry of the country.

Texpo will exhibit textile-based products online from February 1 to February 5 on the website. Although, the exhibition has been taking place since 2016 yet this would be for the first in the country that this will be online.

In the exhibition, there will be virtual stalls of high-end fashion apparel, readymade garments, home textiles, fabrics, and pandemic relevant products like PPEs.

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The designers who were present at the occasion include Rizwan Beyg, Shamael Ansari, Asim Jofa, Hassan Riaz, and Faiza Samee along with some others.

Rizwan Beyg commented, “With Texpo, we are talking about foreign exchange and the export of fabric. The staple that goes out of Pakistan otherwise is basic knitwear. The entire textile industry employs hundreds of thousands of people across the board. So when you have to lay off people because you don’t have work or sales, the entire nation suffers. At some point or the other, you will have to revive the economy and that can only happen when people start buying again.”

Chief guests of the Texpo exhibition were Abdul Razzaq Daud, the advisor to the prime minister for Commence and Investment, Secretary at Ministry of Commerce Sualeh Faruqui, and Chief Executive of TDAP, Arif Ahmad Khan.

Abul Razzaq Daud said on the occasion that despite holding lesser fashion activities, the textile industry of Pakistan is progressing. He said, “we are on the move, we are here today to use technology to bridge the gap between local exhibition and international buyers. From growing cotton to high-end fashion, we are now projecting in Milan and London. Our export has gone up 60% and we are willing to supply a wider range of products.”

Talking to the media, the Advisor to the Prime Minister said that we have an unexplored market because we tend to rely on traditional methods of trade and fabrics. We only rely on our cotton when we can import fabrics that look like cotton, and can be turned into a beautiful garment that we can export. These designers are talented and they can make it happen.

The Secretary, Commerce, Sualeh Faruqui said that keeping in view the facts of Pandemic-19, the TDAP has been successful in getting the cooperation of exporters and the international market. He said that the International traders will participate in the exhibition.

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