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TCL unveils Thunderbird Smart Glasses with microLED colour AR display

TCL Smart Glasses

Consumer electronics brand TCL has released the first binocular full-colour MicroLED AR glasses ‘Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition’ in China.

The market for smart glasses is heating up once more. After years of waiting, Xiaomi, Oppo, and a few other companies have released improved versions of their smart glasses, and now TCL has re-entered in the race. 

TCL’s Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition, which may be the most amazing pair of smart glasses this year, intends to shake up the market. The latest generation micro-LED display with greater contrast, colours, brightness, and local dimming is used in these spectacles. 

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Despite this, because it is a transparent colour display, you may also wear them as an ordinary glass. This puts them ahead of Xiaomi’s prototype glasses, which had merely a monochrome display and were likewise Micro LED-based. 

However, they perform the same functions as any other smart glasses. They attempt to replace your phone’s display by allowing you to receive notifications, check your schedule, read the news, operate your smart home devices, and much more from a pair of glasses rather than your phone. The glasses contain a built-in camera in the centre that allows you to take images and have them immediately sent to your phone. 

The glasses are essentially a pair of smart displays with touch controls on the side, so you’ll still need your phone to connect to the internet. 

However, TCL has not stated when or how much the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition will be available to customers. 

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