Symptoms of headache and runny nose linked to Delta variant

Symptoms of Delta variant

The British Scientists have come up with new research that the flu and headache could be the new symptoms of Indian Delta Variant.  

Since March 2020, the common symptoms of Covid-19 have been cough, fever, and absence of feelings of smelling or tasting. According to the British media, new research has discovered that the people who have been caught by the corona infection in the UK are found to be complaining of throat pain and regular flu in common.  

It has been brought forth by an NGO Zoe Covid. Prof. Tim Spector, the head of the research team says that youth who have been found the victim of Covid in India are found to be suffering from fever but they do not find themselves much affected but it is dangerous that their fever is infectious which may a risk be for the people around.

Symptoms of Indian Delta variant could be different

According to Prof. Spector, apart from the common symptoms of coronavirus such as cough, fever, and derivation from the feelings of smelling or tasting, there are some other symptoms of the virus as well and this particular with the Indian variant which has been transferred to the UK. The Indian variant is working in an entirely different way.  

The research team has cautioned that people need to be more careful and whenever the symptoms like throat pain or regular flu are found in the body, the doctor must be approached on a priority basis.  

Although the rate of Covid positive cases is moving down in Pakistan yet the people of the country need to be still careful and should follow the SOPs. It is also required that trade or any other kind of relations with India should be avoided till the time the intensity of the virus in India reduces. 

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