Steps taken to raise Karachi traffic police to international standards: new chief

Karachi police

The newly posted Karachi traffic police chief is looking forward to bringing the city traffic police up to international standards and said steps are being taken in this regard. 

The spokesman for the Karachi traffic police, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ahmed Nawaz Cheema informed the officials and employees that the performance of the metropolis’s traffic police is better than those in other areas of the country in spite of limited resources and other complications. 

Moreover, DIG Cheema stated that the traffic police sector is a service delivery entity, and road users are its clients, whose contentment will be set as the standard of performance and competence on the part of the traffic police. 

He added the traffic police are now working on an international computerized e-challan project, by which traffic law violations can be recorded on camera, and challans will be sent to citizens’ phones and homes. 

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DIG Cheema also said the Sindh police are receiving body cameras for traffic officers, with the help of which their challan operations will be noted to guarantee transparency and to also observe the behavior of the officials. 

Besides, Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon issued the guidelines, according to which the authority of issuing challans in case of traffic rules violation that affects the flow of traffic is being given to some officers, helping the process of selecting honest officers from among the traffic police, he added. 

 “Our first priority for enforcing the traffic laws should be public service vehicles and commercial vehicles that are most affected by the flow of traffic. Inform with a warning. Ensure discipline of a stop line, and take disciplinary action against citizens in cars and on motorbikes at signals,” DIG added. 

The traffic police chief ordered his subordinates to wear helmets or seatbelts while driving motorbikes or cars respectively. He notified that strict actions will be taken against the officials not obeying the traffic rules, in addition to being issued with challans. 

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