Singapore introduces digital COVID health certificates to resume international travel

Singapore digital COVID

Singapore Airlines is testing a digital health verification process by issuing digital health certificates to passengers with a QR code upon completion of Covid-19 testing.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) introduced the digital health verification procedure that is purely based on the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Travel Pass framework.

The step is projected to give consumers the opportunity to store and present information related to COVID-19 tests safely, along with their potential vaccination status.

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According to the collected information till now, customers traveling on Singapore Airlines from Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore initially have access to the service, while the expansion of the service depends on its popularity on those two routes.

Passengers traveling on these SIA routes will be issued either digital or paper health certificates with a QR code containing the test results and other important information after undergoing Coronavirus testing.

Airport check-in personnel would be able to verify the validity of these certificates through a secure mobile application before boarding the aircraft to ensure that customers meet the entry requirements of Singapore.

The app will help to facilitate the safe and efficient resumption of international travel during the global pandemic.

In an official statement, SIA CEO Goh Choon Phong said this is a quicker and safer way to verify the health credentials of a passenger than the current protocols, speeding up both the process of airport check-in and the process of entry into Singapore for immigration.

Goh Choon Phong added that the use of digital technology will make it easier for SIA customers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to monitor their information and enjoy a seamless experience.

On the other hand, Singapore companies are piloting the use of digital health passports to verify travellers’ COVID-19 test results.

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